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Staff Bios

Our Clients:


Welcome to Prism Movement Studio, where we are passionate about improving nervous system health through movement and body mapping. We know firsthand the impact of hypersympathetic nervous system activation and offer modalities to help clients rebalance and achieve optimal wellness. We are committed to help clients achieve greater health while fostering a sense of wellbeing. 

For the most part, our clients are experiencing some kind of dis-ease. They are those that have tried "everything else" without success and are now willing to try anything. Our clients have a range of issues and situations they want to address: joint injuries; pain patterns; movement or range of motion difficulties; chronic illness; digestive issues; pelvic floor pain; balance; mental health; hypersympathetic nervous system activation and more.

There are also those that just want to keep doing things that keep them young, healthy and adventurous. Holistic Biomechanics is what allows them to do that. We move our bodies and learn about ourselves at the same time.  Our clients are kids, adults, parents, couch potatoes, Olympians & professional athletes, entrepreneurs, musicians, investors, physicians, therapists, and artists.

Some of them had surgeries that didn't get them where they wanted to be, while others are looking to avoid a surgery or procedure all together. They want to sit on the floor and play with their grandkids. Play on their recreation but slightly competitive soccer team. Trauma experiences or survival patterns they want to move away from. Walk the Portland to Coast and not be out of commission afterword. Some are highly competitive athletes that want to be more efficient and smart about their sport. Or maybe just go for a walk with friends. In a car wreck and now want to be able to sit at their desk to do their job. Stand in the kitchen to cook a meal. Jump and flip off a high structure. Defy the laws of gravity! Tie their own shoe. Get through their day without feeling stressed all the time. 


Our clients learn how their brains and bodies "work" in a very different, non-traditional approach, apply a new way of thinking to their lives, and thus a pathway to a functional, healthy self. It's not for everybody, but those that let go of what they thought they knew do a lot more than they thought they'd ever be able to do again.


But then they stick around. They keep coming back. They like learning about their structure, their behavior patterns, their nervous system, the approach to movement and exercise, and how they feel after a session. 

Our Staff:


Amy is the owner of Prism Movement Studio. She began dancing at the age of 3 and was part of the Jefferson High School Performing Arts Dance program in Portland, Oregon. During her studies at Jefferson, Amy received training in tap, jazz, modern, African, and ballet and was a member of the Jefferson Dancers and Modern Dance Lab (both youth pre-professional companies). She received instruction from exceptional artists including Julane Stites, Elena Carter, Fred Locke, Keith Goodman, Mary Osland, Patricia Brewer-Jones, Terry Brock, and Barbara Remington. She has also worked with nationally acclaimed teachers and choreographers such as Brenda Buffalino, Sam Weber, David Ward, and Lowell Smith. Additionally, Amy attended the School of Oregon Ballet Theater and Alvin Ailey School In NYC. Amy has performed with Keith V. Goodman's modern dance company Dance Gatherer, as well as with other local artists.

Amy is a three-time Grand State Baton Twirling Champion in the event of Dance Twirl, won

several regional and national titles, and was a member of a nationally ranked baton twirling team. She is also a United States Twirling Association certified coach and judge. Amy has had the privilege of being a clinician at state, regional, and national conventions and camps as well as judging throughout much of the Western United States. Since 1994, Amy has been a coach and choreographer for the Portland Kelly Kadet Corp, and is a 2-time recipient of the Best Team Choreography award at the US Twirling Association National Baton competition.

Amy is a graduate of Portland State University where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Upon graduation, she has continued her education, taking classes and college coursework in childhood/elementary education, creative dance methods, including Anne Green Gilbert's Brain Compatible Dance Education, master tap, jazz, and modern classes, and teacher training seminars and workshops. In 2012, Amy began belly dancing with Nemra Khan and currently performs locally as Andalee Khan and with Khan's Karavan.

Amy began student teaching at an early age under the mentorship of Shanon Barker, and has been teaching independently for over 25 years.  She has taught baton  twirling, ballet, pointe, jazz/contemporary, tap and creative movement in both the community school and private studio settings. In 1996, Amy 


joined the staff at Stites Performing Arts Center teaching all ages and levels of dance. In 2001-2005, she taught for the Portland Public Schools at the elementary and middle school levels, and later at MLA Public Charter School for 3 years. Amy has also been on staff with the Portland Parks and Recreation, Corbett Children's Theater, Mt. Hood Community College, and summer dance programs at Beaverton's Arts and Communication Magnet Academy.

In 2005, Amy began training in Pilates at Transformations Studio in Portland, Oregon. Under the direction of Alicia Fajardo, she completed her Pilates certification with endorsements in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac and Chair. Continuing her education with Alicia, she also obtained her certification in the Fajardo Method of Holistic Biomechanics and was a group and private personal trainer at Transformations Studio for 13 years. Amy is also a NASM Cetified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and a certified GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® instructor.

In 2019 Amy began Prism Movement Studio.


Kelly Moon is an independent contractor for Prism Movement Studio. She was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Kelly started taking dance classes at age 6 and has continued to take them throughout life. Kelly graduated from University of Oregon in 2012 where she double majored in International Studies and Economics, with minors in Political Science and Dance. In 2014 she became certified in the Fajardo Method of Holistic Biomechanics and taught at Transformations Studio for 6 years. In 2019 she joined Amy at Prism Movement Studio where she continues to use Holistic Biomechanics to help her clients achieve greater mobility and structural functioning.


She currently lives with her husband Richard and two cats Paka and Lilca. Kelly continues to take dance classes at Vega and Bodyvox. 

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