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Our Services

We are nervous system coaches. We guide individuals to objectively observe their body structure and movement patterns, leading to a unique understanding of their body’s autonomic nervous system state. This understanding allows the nervous system to more appropriately respond to the environment in either a fight-or-flight or parasympathetic state. Our work revolves around sensorimotor integration, optimizing how your brain and body communicate, which leads to enhanced movement coordination, psychological function, and overall sense of well-being. Think of us as your #bodytourguide, providing an alternative therapy method for improved health.

This work is helpful for those with movement difficulties or discomfort, mental health issues such as anxiety or depression, chronic health diseases, and other physical dysfunctions.

In all one-on-one sessions, your practitioner will guide you through mapping specific points of the body, then apply this mapping to a movement context. 

Mapping in a movement context is an important step in changing the nervous system response as everything about our functioning – digestion, mental health state, motor function, etc. – is completely different depending on if one is in a fight-or-flight or parasympathetic state. If only mapping is done, our habitual thought and motor patterns have the potential to bring us right back to the fight-or-flight mode of operation.

Sessions are 55-minutes long. At the end of the session, we will discuss how you can integrate this practice in your daily life so your nervous system can become adaptable in a variety of contexts, environments, around different people, and in different types of activity.

Online Sessions

Online sessions will include movement without equipment done lying down on the floor, seated in a chair, and standing. Some clients choose to obtain a foam roller, a pair of "pinky" or lacrosse balls, and a yoga sandbag for at home equipment.


Group Classes

Group movement classes are available online only. A variety of movement is done while simultaneously mapping the body. These are great to supplement one-on-one sessions or as an alternative to one-on-one sessions.

In-Person Sessions

In-Person sessions include movement using various pieces of equipment such as a Pilates Reformer or Cadilac. Our studio is located in the Pearl District of downtown Portland, Oregon.

What Our Clients Say

“Amy is amazing! She has a way of teaching and explaining that has landed more deeply than ever before. The simple tools she teaches me have shifted not only my physical body but my emotional experience. I feel so lucky to have found Amy. She is an exceptional practitioner and has a true gift for healing.” ~ A.A.
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